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Oystercatcher Finds an Oyster

I had never kayaked in the ocean before until this day in Oct 2017, but Sunset Bay in Cape Arago is absolutely perfect for it on calm days so I gave it a shot. Although, I probably shouldn't have brought my camera equipment considering it was the first time in the ocean and I didn't have any experience with how waves might push me towards the rock, but then again I wouldn't have gotten this shot. It was low tide so some of the rocks started getting exposed and that's when the oystercatchers arrived to feed. It was pretty difficult trying to get a shot in focus because of rocking back and forth from how big the swells were near the rock, and I had to be careful not to get thrown into it by a rogue wave. In the end it all worked out and I managed a few pretty cool shots and some great lasting memories riding the waves into shore.

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