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An American Kestel Perched

Finally after 2 years of birding, I had my first American Kestrel sighting in Jan 2018 in Nehalem, Oregon. I went to this spot of settling ponds off the Nehalem River, courtesy of the Oregon Coast Birding Trail Guide. Unfortunately the gate was locked when it shouldn't be so I couldn't walk around the ponds and get better compositions of the ducks. I thought it was bust but then saw a tiny bird on a telephone wire about 100 feet away. The only reason I did a double take is because the back tail feathers happened to be spread out further than I'm accustomed to seeing and that wasn't typical of a perching bird. At best I thought it was some perching bird I hadn't seen before, but as I inched a little closer, the head colors became more distinct, and there was no doubt in my mind what I just stubbled upon! After an hour it made 2 dives down to the ground and on one occasion caught a huge caterpillar.

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