Waterfalls - Michael Schober
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Panther Creek Falls

On my final day in the Columbia River Gorge, mandatory evacuations were starting in certain sections of Cascade Locks due to the Eagle Creek Fire. I was at the KOA and luckily wasn't forced to leave yet since I was already scheduled to head out the following day. Everything on the Oregon side was pretty much shut down, so I decided to check out this waterfall on the Washington side. I wanted to get to the bottom but I wasn't feeling the 15 ft rock climb down with a bag full of gear and nobody around to assist if things went sideways. I shot this from the safety of the vantage point up top, but if you can muster it, definitely hit the bottom, where the views are 10x better. Apparently there is a more safer scramble down (not the one near the viewpoint) about 150 yards down the road but there is no signage and wasn't aware of it at the time. Guess that just means a second round is in order in the future!

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